Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Other Compensatory Hyperactivity

While the exact mechanics of compensatory hyperactivity are not known, the phenomenon exists without a doubt in regard to sweating. Thus we can suppose that, whatever the mechanism, other sympathetically innervated effectors in the still-innervated zone may exhibit a similar hyperactive response, especially if those effectors are similar to sweat glands in that they are either
  • distributed throughout the innervated and denervated areas and/or
  • innervated only by the SNS, and not the PSNS
Blood vessels are distributed throughout the body, and most of them have only sympathetic innervation. Adipose Tissue is also widely distributed. Will either of these exhibit compensatory hyperactivity in the still-innervated areas? If so, what would sympathetic hyperactivity cause?
The kidneys are thought to only have sympathetic innervation, not parasympathetic. They are expected to remain fully innervated after ETS, but could they experience sympathetic hyperactivity? If so, how might that affect their function?