Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Table 2

Changes to Systemic Function
Body System Predicted Change from Sympathectomy Empirical Status
loss of upper body sweating + loss of selective brain cooling = trouble staying cool

loss of surface vasoconstriction + loss of deep tissue vasodilation + decreased fat burning = trouble staying warm

increased upper body skin temperature = false messages from thermo-receptors

thermal Images.

Goldstein’s (NINDS) core-body temperature study (not yet published) shows significant problems maintaining core body temperature against both hot and cold .

Nielson website listing “Heat Intolerance” among side effects.

anecdotal complaints of heat and cold intolerance abound.
exercise capacity reduced cardiac output + reduced baroreflex + diminished lung volume + reduced evaporative cooling + inability to redistribute blow flow into deep muscle = reduced exercise capacity reductions in every measure: cardiac index, heart rate, mean arterial pressure, rate–pressure product, stroke index, Changes_to_Systemic_Function%2C_part_ vascular resistance. “significant reduction in baroreflex response to exercise”.
more studies needed
endocrine function lowered blood catecholamines confirmed
mental and emotional Loss of body-state changes in response to strong emotion + Loss of feedback signal to brain = Reduced subjective experience of emotion

Loss of sympathetic tone to cerebral artery + lowered blood catechols + loss of selective brain cooling = lowered alertness
Critchley, et. al. report “Changes in bodily states, particularly those mediated by the autonomic nervous system, are crucial to ongoing emotional experience”.
Telaranta reports significant reduction in “fear” and “alertness” in studies of ETS on mental patients.

lack of informed consent + disturbing physical condition = profound anger + depression = suicide, suicidal ideation one confirmed U.S. ETS suicide, anecdotal reports abound
immune function decreased tumor necrosis factor = increased tumors unstudied
decreased immune response + decreased blood cathechols = slow healing confirmed in rat skin, no human studies
body fat reduction in exercise capacity + reduced fat burning = increase in fat cell number + increase in fat cell size confirmed in rats, no human studies